IEEE Std 2804‐2019 pdf download – IEEE Standard for Software Hardware Interface for Multi Many Core

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IEEE Std 2804‐2019 pdf download – IEEE Standard for Software Hardware Interface for Multi Many Core.
1.4 General introduction Multicore processors have become the norm, and processors with tens and even more than a hundred cores are emerging. These multicore and many-core processors vary not only in the number of cores, but also in inter-connects, cluster organization, and memory systems (including hierarchy and cache coherency), among others. While the trend for an increasing number of cores is both natural and unavoidable from a processor design perspective, this poses tremendous challenges to the software developers to cope with the significant hardware variance, while bearing a burden to re-use the existing and newly created software for different hardware. Moreover, all this must occur while achieving the performance expected from the multicore processors, which requires a deep understanding of the specific multicore architecture. Various tools, such as auto-parallelizing compilers, parallelization tools, OS/middleware configurators, and performance analysis tools, aid developers to design, implement, and analyze the software. However, these tools must comprehend the complex multicore processor, transferring the burden to the tool developers. Therefore, lowering the cost of supporting new multicore hardware by various tools is critical, but there has been a lack of effort in academia or industry to solve these issues, thereby hindering the development of the multicore tool eco-system. The SHIM, Software-Hardware Interface for Multi-many-core, is a joint industrial and academic effort to standardize the interface between the multicore hardware and the software tools. As a result, the aim is to lower the cost of supporting new multicore hardware using the standard interface. This will encourage the development of new innovative multicore tools, resulting in a richer eco-system of multicore technologies, which in turn should benefit system developers, semiconductor vendors, and tool vendors. 1.4.1 Interface The SHIM is defined as an XML schema. A multicore hardware implementation is expressed as a set of SHIM

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