IEEE Std 2780-2019 pdf download – IEEE Standard for Insulation-Piercing Connectors

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IEEE Std 2780-2019 pdf download – IEEE Standard for Insulation-Piercing Connectors.
5.3.2 IPC connection For the IPC covering a certain conductor cross-sectional area range, the maximum size should be selected from both the main cable and the branch cable for tests. 5.3.3 Test equipment The test equipment is a digital torque wrench with accuracy of not less than 4% and a division value of not more than 0.1 N.m. 5.3.4 Test procedure The IPC shall be installed according to installation instructions supplied by the manufacturer. It is recommended that on the application of torque, the initial fastening process can be done by hand and the following fastening process shall be done with the tool at the speed of approximately 8 s a full rotation, or the speed specified by the manufacturer’s installation instructions. The shear-torsion moment of shear bolts/nuts at break shall comply with4.1.1. . 5.4 Coating thickness measurement The ferrous metal of the IPC components shall be tested for coating thickness. The test equipment, procedure and requirements shall be in accordance with Clause 5 to Clause 7 ofISO 2178:2016.
5.6.2 Test pretreatment The pre-test IPCs and their matching cables shall be placed in a laboratory for 4 h to reach ambient temperature. If the difference between laboratory indoor and outdoor temperature is within 5 °C, the placing time can be reduced to 2 h. 5.6.3 Impact test Ilmpact test at ambient temperature Test equipment and arrangement Test equipment shall include a 1000-g steel hammer with an arc-shape bottom surface of approximately 20 mm to 40 mm in radius and an impact tester. The IPC is fixed on the rigid base of the impact tester. The central point of steel hammer and the IPC shall keep superposition. The drop distance of the steel hammer is 200 mm. The test arrangement is shown in Figure 2. Test procedure and requirements The steel hammer shall drop freely and impact the IPC on the top surface [Figure 1(a)] and the side surface [Figure 1(b)] each once. There shall be no visible cracks on the IPC shell after tests. Low-temperature impact test The IPC shall be placed at a temperature of- 40。C 2 °C for 2 h and then have an impact test within 1 min after being taken out from the temperature chamber as per 5.6.4 Operating cable tensile breaking force test Test cables Test cables shall be new and match the IPC specification. The length of each cable shall not be less than 100 times of its conductor diameter and should not be less than 2.5 m.

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