IEEE Std 2030.8-2018 pdf download – IEEE Standard for the Testing of Microgrid Controllers

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IEEE Std 2030.8-2018 pdf download – IEEE Standard for the Testing of Microgrid Controllers.
2. Normative references The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document (i.e., they must be understood and used, so each referenced document is cited in text and its relationship to this document is explained). For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments or corrigenda) applies. IEEE Std 2030.7™, IEEE Standard for the Specifcation of Microgrid Controllers. 3,4 3. Defnitions, acronyms, and abbreviations 3.1 Defnitions For the purposes of this document, the following terms and defnitions apply. The IEEE Standards Dictionary Online should be consulted for terms not defned in this clause. 5 distributed energy resources (DER): Sources and groups of sources of electric power that are not directly connected to the bulk power system; they include both generators and energy storage technologies capable of exporting power. distribution management system (DMS): A collection of software applications designed to monitor and control the distribution network in a predefned manner. initiating event: A condition that triggers the sequence of actions of a microgrid control system (MGCS) for dispatch and/or transition core function operation.
NOTE—An abnormal operation or parameter, dispatch command or request, setpoint change, trip of distributed energy resources (DERs) or loads, or power system disturbance are examples of trigger conditions. 6 microgrid: A group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources with clearly defned electrical boundaries that acts as a single controllable entity with respect to the grid and can connect and disconnect from the grid to enable it to operate in both grid-connected or islanded modes. microgrid control system (MGCS): A system that includes the control functions that defne the microgrid as a system that can manage itself, operate autonomously or grid-connected, and seamlessly connect to and disconnect from the main distribution grid for the exchange of power and the supply of ancillary services. NOTE—It includes the functions of the Microgrid Energy Management System (MEMS). It is the microgrid controller if implemented in the form of a centralized system. point of interconnection (POI): The electrical point at which the microgrid connects or disconnects from the larger distribution grid. seamless transition: The connection and disconnection of a microgrid to and from the larger grid accomplished without voltage and frequency transients that exceed the specifcations of the microgrid design and the interconnection requirements. test procedure: A generic approach used to specify the conditions under which core functions are to be tested and establish scenarios to which metrics can be applied.

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