ISO 6603-2:2000 pdf download – European Standard EN ISO 6603-2 : 2000 has the status of a DIN Standard.

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ISO 6603-2:2000 pdf download – European Standard EN ISO 6603-2 : 2000 has the status of a DIN Standard..
5.1.2 Striker, preferably having a polished hemispherical striking surface of diameter (20,0 土0,2) mm. Alternatively, a (10土0,1) mm diameter striking surface may be used. NOTE 1 The size and dimensions of the striker and condition of the surface will affect the impact resutts. The striker shall be made of any material with sufficient resistance to wear and of sufficiently high strength to prevent plastic deformation. In practice, hardened steel or materials with lower density (i.e. titanium) have been found acceptable. The hemispherical surface of the striker shall be lubricated to reduce any friction between the striker and the test specimen (see note 2 and annex B). NOTE2 Test results obtained with a lubricated or dry striker are likely to be different. Below ambient temperatures, condensation can act as a lubricant. The load cell shall be located within one striker diameter from the tip of the striker, i.e. mounted as closely as possible to the tip to minimize all extraneous forces and sufficiently near to fulfil the frequency-response requirement (see 5.2). An example is shown in Figure 5. 5.1.3 Support ring (see Figures 5 and 6), placed on a rigid base and designed such that air can not be trapped under the test specimen, thus avoiding a possible spring effect. Below the support ring, there shall be sufficient space for the striker to travel after total penetration of the test specimen. The recommended inside diameter of the support ring is (40土2) mm, or alternatively (100土5) mm, with a minimum height of 12 mm. 5.1.4 Base for test device, firmly mounted to a rigid structure so that the mass of the base (see Figure 5) is of sufficient stiffness to minimize deflection of the specimen support. When calculating the deflection from the kinetics of the accelerated mass, a minimum mass ratio mg/mc of 10 between base (mg) and energy carrier (mc) shall be used. This prevents the base from being accelerated by more than 1 % of the impact speed up to the end of the test.

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