ISO 630-6:2014 pdf download – Structural steels — Part 6: Technical delivery conditions for seismic-improved structural steels for building

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ISO 630-6:2014 pdf download – Structural steels — Part 6: Technical delivery conditions for seismic-improved structural steels for building.
3.4 tempering heat treatment applied to a ferrous product, generally after quench hardening, or another heat treatment to bring the properties to the required level, and consisting of heating to specific temperatures (< Ac1) and soaking for an appropriate duration followed by cooling at an appropriate rate Note 1 to entry: Additionally, the following may apply: processes of direct quenching plus tempering. 3.5 thermomechanical processed steel rolled with a process in which the final deformation is carried out in a certain temperature range leading to a material condition with certain properties which cannot be achieved or repeated by heat treatment alone Note 1 to entry: Hot forming or post weld heat treatment above 580 °C may lower the strength values and should not be performed. Flame straightening may be applied in accordance with relevant technical recommendations. Note 2 to entry: Thermomechanical rolling can include processes with an increasing cooling rate with or without tempering including self-tempering but excluding direct quenching and quenching and tempering. Note 3 to entry: In some publications the term “Thermomechanical Control Process” is also used. 4? Classification? and? designation 4.1? Classification The steel grades specified in this document shall be classified as unalloyed or alloy quality steels. 4.2 Grades and Qualities This document specifies four (4) steel grades— Grades SA235, SA325, SA345, and SA440. Each grade is available in up to three (3) qualities. — Quality A: no impact testing — Quality C: impact testing at 0 °C — Quality C+: impact testing at 0 °C and through-thickness characteristics testing 5 Information to be supplied by purchaser 5.1 Mandatory information The information that shall be supplied by the purchaser at the time of the order is specified in ISO 630-1. 5.2 Options The options of ISO 630-1 apply. In addition, the following options apply to products according to this part of ISO 630. If the purchaser does not indicate a wish to implement any of these options at the time of the order, the products shall be supplied in accordance with the basic specification (see 5.1). a) Testing of impact properties in the transverse direction using Charpy V-notch test pieces in accordance with ISO 630-1. b) Testing of tensile and impact properties at a frequency per each plate as heat-treated. c) On special request of the purchaser, the manufacturer shall inform the purchaser at the time of the order which of the alloying elements appropriate to the steel grade required will be deliberately added to the material to be delivered and reported in the heat analysis.

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