ISO 6292:2020 pdf download – Powered industrial trucks and tractors — Brake performance and component strength

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ISO 6292:2020 pdf download – Powered industrial trucks and tractors — Brake performance and component strength.
3.4 cold brake brake that meets one of the following conditions: a) the temperature measured at the periphery of the disc or on the outside of the drum is below 100 °C; b) in the case of totally enclosed brakes including oil-immersed brakes, the temperature on the outside of the housing is below 50 °C or within the manufacturer’s specification; c) the brake has not been operated in the previous 1 h 3.5 fade test <lining effectiveness> test procedure consisting of one or more brake applications or the continuous dragging of the brake to generate heat with the effect that differences in braking performance (3.2), if any, can be observed [SOURCE: ISO 611:2003, 8.4] 3.6 lining burnishing pre-test conditioning procedure for obtaining a specified degree of geometric, physical and chemical adaptation between the brake lining surface and the drum or disc 3.7 laden mass foreseen maximum laden truck mass likely to occur in the intended use of the truck, taking into account various combinations of optional equipment and the actual capacity applicable at the lift height specified for the tests (where relevant) 3.8 parking braking system braking system (3.3) allowing a truck to be held stationary mechanically, even on an inclined surface, particularly in the absence of the operator 3.9 service braking system braking system (3.3) allowing the operator to control, directly or indirectly, the speed of the truck or to bring the truck to a halt 3.10 stopping distance s 0 distance travelled by the truck during the total braking time, i.e. distance travelled by the truck from the instant when the driver begins to actuate the control device until the instant when the truck stops Note 1 to entry: Control device is part of the braking system (3.3) which initiates its operation. Control devices of industrial trucks are defined in ISO 3691-1:2011,, and 3.11 test speed speed greater than 90 % of the maximum designed truck speed
4 Requirements 4.1 Required brake systems The truck shall have the following brake systems: — a service brake system; — a parking brake system. 4.2 Operating means The service and parking brakes shall be operated by means of independent systems. Both braking systems may utilize the same brakes; i.e. brake shoes, brake drums and related actuating items. Independent brake systems are not required to be fitted to stand-on and pedestrian controlled trucks as defined in ISO 3691-1. 4.3 Service braking system All trucks shall meet the service brake requirements for: — stopping distance (6.3.1) and heat fade test (6.5.2); — drawbar drag test (6.3.2) and heat fade test (6.5.3); or — alternative test procedure (6.3.3), e.g. calculation, and heat fade test simulation (6.5). 4.4 Parking braking system The parking braking system shall meet the requirements of 6.2.

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