ISO 50001:2018 pdf download – Energy management systems — Requirements with guidance for use

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ISO 50001:2018 pdf download – Energy management systems — Requirements with guidance for use.
6.5 Energy baseline The organization shall establish (an) EnB(s) using the information from the energy review(s) (see 6.3), taking into account a suitable period of time. Where the organization has data indicating that relevant variables significantly affect energy performance, the organization shall carry out normalization of the EnPI value(s) and corresponding EnB(s). NOTE Depending on the nature of the activities, normalization can be a simple adjustment, or a more complex procedure. EnB(s) shall be revised in the case of one or more of the following: a) EnPI(s) no longer reflect the organization’s energy performance; b) there have been major changes to the static factors; c) according to a pre-determined method. The organization shall retain information of EnB(s), relevant variable data and modifications to EnB(s) as documented information (see 7.5). 6.6 Planning for collection of energy data The organization shall ensure that key characteristics of its operations affecting energy performance are identified, measured, monitored and analysed at planned intervals (see 9.1). The organization shall define and implement an energy data collection plan appropriate to its size, its complexity, its resources and its measurement and monitoring equipment. The plan shall specify the data necessary to monitor the key characteristics and state how and at what frequency the data shall be collected and retained. Data to be collected (or acquired by measurement as applicable) and retained documented information (see 7.5) shall include: a) the relevant variables for SEUs; b) energy consumption related to SEUs and to the organization; c) operational criteria related to SEUs; d) static factors, if applicable; e) data specified in action plans.
7.2 Competence The organization shall: a) determine the necessary competence of person(s) doing work under its control that affects its energy performance and EnMS; b) ensure that these persons are competent on the basis of appropriate education, training, skills or experience; c) where applicable, take actions to acquire the necessary competence, and evaluate the effectiveness of the actions taken; d) retain appropriate documented information (see 7.5) as evidence of competence. NOTE Applicable actions can include, for example, the provision of training to, the mentoring of, or the reassignment of currently employed persons; or the hiring or contracting of competent persons. 7.3 Awareness Persons doing work under the organization’s control shall be aware of: a) the energy policy (see 5.2); b) their contribution to the effectiveness of the EnMS, including achievement of objectives and energy targets (see 6.2), and the benefits of improved energy performance; c) the impact of their activities or behaviour with respect to energy performance; d) the implications of not conforming with the EnMS requirements.

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