ISO 29993:2017 pdf download – Learning services outside formal education — Service requirements

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ISO 29993:2017 pdf download – Learning services outside formal education — Service requirements.
7 Needs analysis 7.1 Understanding the needs of learners is a key factor in the learning service as it ensures that the objectives, programme, content and assessment methods meet those needs. 7.2 Prior to delivering learning services, the learning needs shall be analysed by qualified staff in order to orientate learning services effectively within the specified scope of the learning service. 7.3 The intended outcomes of the learning services shall: a) be detailed, measureable and understandable to the learner (and, if applicable, to the sponsors); b) refer to a widely-known national or international scale, if available. 7.4 The needs analysis shall determine: a) the goals and requirements of learners and sponsors; b) the desired level of competence and the preferred time frame; c) the purposes for which, and contexts in which, the learner requires the desired level of competence after the completion of the course (e.g. socially, in the domain of work or study); d) the learner’s current level of competence; NOTE 1 Techniques such as self-assessment, internal or third party tests can be used for this purpose. e) other aspects of the learner’s background and situation (e.g. age, relevant education and training history, prior learning, professional experience, language, culture, literacy level, cognitive and physical abilities). NOTE 2 ISO/TR 22411:2008 provides guidelines on services to address the needs of older persons and persons with disabilities. 7.5 In the context of work-related training, interested parties shall be consulted on how the competences acquired are expected to be applied in the workplace and what they consider possible indicators of success.
9 Information about the learning service for enrolled learners or their sponsors Commencing with, or prior to delivery of the learning service, learners (or, where applicable, their sponsors) shall be informed in writing of the details, terms and conditions of the learning service, as specified in Clause 4. Additional information may include the following: a) the responsibilities of each party (e.g. the learners, LSPs, facilitators); b) the processes and schedule for assessing learning; c) the LSP’s designated contact person(s); d) procedures for complaints, suggestions and dispute resolution; e) support for learning, such as access to library, self-directed computer-assisted learning, help desk, counselling services, dictionaries, reference books and mentoring.

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