ISO 282:1992 pdf download – ComM?yor belts – Samph3g

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IS0 282:1992 pdf download – ComMyor belts – Sampling.
1 Scope This International Standard specifies the number of samples to be taken for carrying out acceptance tests on conveyor belts, depending on the overall length ordered by the same user. It is applicable to a batch of conveyor belts having the same characteristics: quality, width, etc. 2 Definition For the purposes of this International Standard, the following definition applies. 2.1 acceptance test: Test conducted at the pro- ducer’s laboratory by or on behalf of the producer or on behalf of the purchaser or user in order to verify compliance with the conditions or require- ments of the contract. 3 Specification The number of samples to be taken is given in table 1. No recommendation is made regarding the place from which the sample shall be taken.
4 Sampling The test samples shall be of full-belt width and of a sufficient length to carry out all tests requested for the type of belt considered. The additional lengths required for the test samples shall be included in the total length of the order.

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