ISO 27269:2021 pdf download – Health informatics — International patient summary

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ISO 27269:2021 pdf download – Health informatics — International patient summary.
The IPS Data Set is packaged within the IPS Document for the purpose of explanation within this document. It is a logical construct, and although a patient summary may be communicated by some form of document, this document does not imply that this is the only way for a patient summary application to be implemented. Confidentiality: The IPS is an example of ‘Personal Data’ and will be subject to the data protection rules implemented within a jurisdiction, or within a region, as in the case of a cross-jurisdictional regulation such as Regulation EU 2016/679 GDPR. This document uses this descriptor to highlight areas of concern but does not provide implementation detail. In this first iteration, the confidentiality requirement applies to the whole IPS by default; the exception being a further note attached to the ‘Advance Directive’ IPS Section. If IPS Data Blocks are reused for purposes other than for the IPS then appropriate safeguards will have to be taken to protect the patient. The IPS Document will usually comprise a number of data elements taken exclusively from the IPS Data Set. The exception being the non-IPS section material which is not within the scope of this document but may supplement the IPS Data Set in particular circumstances (e.g. additional data for a specific condition or specialty).
6.1.1 General This document describes an abstract data model which is implementation independent. The IPS Data Set is hierarchical and the nesting organizes the data elements. At the bottom of the hierarchical description in the IPS there are data elements that can be described in a generic fashion that are not use case dependent. Within the IPS Data Set it is easy to identify structures that have a similar pattern. These “patterns” may or may not correspond to “well-known” data types (for example coded elements; date-times; person names; addresses). Examples of these primitive value types that reoccur in the IPS Data Set are: — Identifiers — Entity Names (people, organizations, products, etc.) — Date/time elements (or interval of date/time) — Address details — Telecom details Where applicable, the ISO 21090 data types have been used as reference for describing their main characteristics. For example, when the name of a person is provided, that name should be provided as a list of parts such as given name or family name, prefix, suffix; when more than one part is given it should be allowed to distinguish among their usage (e.g. official name; maiden name); more representations should be recorded when the name is not alphabetic; and so on. All these properties are summarized indicating that the Person Name is related to the ISO EN.PN datatype without repeating all of these characteristics. When an ISO 21090 data type is referred to, it is not assumed that implementations will have direct conformance (see ISO 21090:2011, 5.2) with them. However, derived models, including implementable specifications, should declare how the used patterns will be realized when not self-evident by the used standards (i.e. indirect conformance, see ISO 21090:2011, 5.3).

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