ISO 24568:2021 pdf download – Aerospace — Metric series pipe coupling 8°30′ up to 28 000? kPa? dynamic? beam? seal? —? Technical? specification

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ISO 24568:2021 pdf download – Aerospace — Metric series pipe coupling 8°30′ up to 28 000  kPa  dynamic  beam  seal  —  Technical  specification.
5 Requirements, inspection and test methods 5.1? Test? conditions? and? preparation? of? specimens? for? qualification 5.1.1 General For requirements, inspection and test methods see Table 1. 5.1.2? Tests? fluids Unless otherwise specified, tests shall be carried out using e.g. a petroleum base hydraulic fluid according to MIL-H-5606 for coupling assemblies of type II temperature range and a silicate ester base hydraulic fluid according to MIL-H-8446 for those of type III temperature range. Water may be used, whenever practical, for proof, burst, stress corrosion and re-use capability testing. For other than hydraulic system applications, it is preferable to use system fluid for leakage (gaseous pressure) and proof testing. When specified in the test method, the test fluid is used as a lubricant. 5.1.3 Specimen preparation Shaped parts shall be machined with the grain flow of the bar or plate in the direction of the fluid. Specimens shall be assembled as illustrated in Table 3. Installations on the pipe end shall be in accordance with TR 2674. Prior to testing, all couplings shall be assembled using the maximum specified torque. Except, when specified in Table 3, the coupling shall be assembled using the minimum installation torque for at least half of the specimens, and maximum torques for the remainder. 5.1.4 Pipe assembly The method of joining the pipe to the coupling end (brazing, welding, mechanical attachment, etc.) shall not be detrimental to the properties, strength or geometry of the pipe and the coupling end. The joint shall be in accordance with the design instructions and shall be inspected by direct measurement, X-ray or other non-destructive methods.
6 Quality assurance 6.1  Product qualification The qualification procedure for aerospace standard products (e.g. according to EN 9133 or another in aerospace accepted and established qualification procedure) shall be used and documented according to the specified tests if not otherwise agreed between customer and supplier. The manufacturer’s operations shall be an approved production organisation for aerospace products and shall demonstrate that it has implemented and is able to maintain a quality management system (e.g. according to EN 9100 or another in aerospace accepted and established quality management system). Qualification obtained for tees also covers that of elbows and crosses. 6.2 Quality control records The manufacturer shall maintain a record of inspection applied to each production batch for a minimum of 5 years. Records of chemical composition analysis, mechanical property tests showing conformance with the applicable material specification and metallurgical tests shall be made available to the purchaser (user) of each delivery batch of coupling parts upon request. Each delivery batch shall be traceable to its production batch. 6.3 Acceptance conditions The acceptance of a delivery batch shall be in accordance with 5.2 to 5.7.

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