ISO 22320:2011 pdf download – Societal security — Emergency management — Requirements for incident response

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ISO 22320:2011 pdf download – Societal security — Emergency management — Requirements for incident response.
3.1 command and control activities of target-orientated decision-making, assessing the situation, planning, implementing decisions and controlling the effects of implementation on the incident NOTE This process is continuously repeated. 3.2 command and control system system that supports effective emergency management of all available assets in a preparation, incident-response, continuity and/or recovery process 3.3 cooperation process of working or acting together for common interests and values based on agreement NOTE The organizations agree by contract or by other arrangements to contribute with their resources to the incident response but keep independence concerning their internal hierarchical structure. 3.4 coordination way in which different organizations (public or private) or parts of the same organization work or act together in order to achieve a common objective NOTE 1 Coordination integrates the individual response activities of involved parties (including public or private organizations and government) to achieve synergy to the extent that the incident response has a unifed objective and to coordinate activities through transparent information sharing regarding their respective incident-response activities. NOTE 2 All organizations are involved in the process to agree on a common incident-response objective and accept to implement the strategies by this consensus decision-making process. 3.5 emergency management overall approach preventing emergencies and managing those that occur NOTE In general, emergency management utilizes a risk-management approach to prevention, preparedness, response and recovery before, during and after potentially destabilizing and/or disruptive events. 3.6 incident command part of an organized incident response structure NOTE Incident command is the process that is conducted within the command structures that evolve during the management of an incident.
4.2 Command and control system 4.2.1 General The objective of a command and control system is to enable organizations to carry out effcient incident responses, independently as well as jointly, with all other involved parties, in order to support all measures to save lives and limit adverse effects. For the purpose of incident response the organization shall implement a command and control system which complies with relevant legislation and regulations as well as with the requirements of this International Standard. Along with the setting up of a command and control system, the organization shall, as quickly as possible, determine the following lines of command both within the organization and with other organizations, actors and involved parties (e.g. designation of an incident commander): a) a common understanding of the mission’s purpose; b) a common operational picture; c) relations to other organizations that are not within the line of command; d) appointment of persons with appropriate delegated authority to be accountable for leadership. All of the above issues shall be taken into account during planning and exercises. The command and control system shall be — scalable for different incident types and involved organizations, — adaptable to any type of incident, — able to integrate different incident response organizations and involved parties, and — fexible to the evolution of the incident and the outcome of incident responses. To fulfl these tasks a command and control system shall include — a command and control structure, — a command and control process, and — the resources necessary to implement the command structure and process. The organizational structure, and the processes of the command and control system, shall be documented. NOTE The number of persons, roles and responsibilities involved in the command and control organization may differ, depending on the scale of the incident.

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