ISO 22300:2021 pdf download – Security and resilience — Vocabulary

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ISO 22300:2021 pdf download – Security and resilience — Vocabulary.
3.1.15 auditor person who conducts an audit (3.1.14) [SOURCE: ISO 19011:2018, 3.15] 3.1.16 basic social services set of services delivered in education, health and social areas, as a means to fulfil basic needs 3.1.17 benefit measurable improvement resulting from the changes introduced as a result of a peer review (3.1.174) Note 1 to entry: Benefits can be tangible or intangible, quantifiable or non-quantifiable, and financial or non- financial. 3.1.18 biodiversity variability among living organisms from all sources including land, marine and other aquatic ecosystems (3.1.84) and the ecological complexes of which the organisms are part Note 1 to entry: This includes diversity within species, between species and of ecosystems. Biodiversity is thus not only the sum of all ecosystems, species and genetic material, but rather represents the variability within and among them. Note 2 to entry: Biodiversity can also be referred to as “biological diversity”. 3.1.19 business continuity capability of an organization (3.1.165) to continue the delivery of products and services (3.1.192) within acceptable time frames at predefined capacity during a disruption (3.1.75) 3.1.20 business continuity management process (3.1.190) of implementing and maintaining business continuity (3.1.19) 3.1.21 business continuity management system BCMS part of the overall management system (3.1.146) that establishes, implements, operates, monitors, reviews (3.1.211), maintains and improves business continuity (3.1.19) Note 1 to entry: The management system includes organizational structure, policies, planning activities, responsibilities, procedures (3.1.189), processes (3.1.190) and resources (3.1.207). 3.1.22 business continuity plan documented information (3.1.78) that guides an organization (3.1.165) to respond to a disruption (3.1.75) and resume, recover and restore the delivery of products and services (3.1.192) consistent with its business continuity (3.1.19) objectives (3.1.162)
3.1.23 business continuity programme ongoing management (3.1.144) and governance process (3.1.190) supported by top management (3.1.279) and appropriately resourced to implement and maintain business continuity management (3.1.20) Note 1 to entry: In ISO 22301:2019, this term has been replaced by business continuity management system (3.1.21) 3.1.24 business impact analysis process (3.1.190) of analysing the impact (3.1.118) over time of a disruption (3.1.75) on the organization (3.1.165) Note 1 to entry: The outcome is a statement and justification of business continuity (3.1.19) requirements (3.1.204). 3.1.25 capacity combination of all the strengths and resources (3.1.207) available within an organization (3.1.165), community (3.1.39) or society that can reduce the level of risk (3.1.215) or the effects of a crisis (3.1.60) Note 1 to entry: Capacity can include physical, institutional, social, or economic means as well as skilled personnel (3.1.179) or attributes such as leadership and management (3.1.144). 3.1.26 carer individual who provides support to a vulnerable person (3.1.293) Note 1 to entry: Carers can be paid or unpaid providers of care. 3.1.27 cargo transport unit road freight vehicle, railway freight wagon, freight container, road tank vehicle, railway tank wagon or portable tank 3.1.28 CCTV system surveillance system comprised of cameras, recorders, interconnections and displays that is used to monitor activities in a store, a company or more generally a specific infrastructure (3.1.128) and/or a public place

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