ISO 22040:2021 pdf download – Life cycle management of concrete structures

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ISO 22040:2021 pdf download – Life cycle management of concrete structures.
3.5 performance qualitative or quantitative representation of the behaviour of a structure 3.6 performance requirement definition of the required performance (3.5) in designed concrete structures 3.7 sustainability ability of a structure or structural element to contribute positively to the fulfilment of the present needs of humankind with respect to social, economic and environmental aspects, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs in a similar manner 3.8 sustainability indicator indicator related to economic, environmental or social impacts [SOURCE: ISO 21929-1:2011, 3.33] 4 General principles of life cycle management As a sophisticated system to support the activities of appropriately managing the life cycle of concrete structures with various shapes and forms, LCM shall cover their life cycle from the point at which its necessity is recognized to the end-of-life of the structures. A structure shall securely retain the required functions and performance throughout its life cycle. Decisions shall be made so that the work at each stage of the structure’s life cycle can be connected and managed appropriately based on a consistent concept. The period of LCM shall cover the planning, design, execution, use and end-of-life stages of the structure. In the LCM, during the period that the structure is used, natural environment, variable actions and the importance of the structure shall be appropriately considered. The LCM shall be carried out with the LCM scenario that includes fundamental strategy for managing the structure. The performance requirements of the structure shall be determined according to ISO 2394 and ISO 19338.
5 General framework of life cycle management 5.1 General When implementing LCM, an appropriate LCM scenario shall be created as measures to ensure the performance requirements are met during the life cycle of the structure and the indicators are set appropriately. 5.2 Scenario formulation For implementing an LCM, an appropriate basic LCM scenario shall be formulated to connect each stage. The basic LCM scenario shall include the fundamental strategy on how the structure will be managed in terms of sustainability aspects. A structure shall be designed to keep its function and performance without major remedial measures. However, planned remedial measures shall be included in the LCM scenario if they are required.

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