ISO 21612:2021 pdf download – Road vehicles — Crosstalk determination for multi-axis load cell

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ISO 21612:2021 pdf download – Road vehicles — Crosstalk determination for multi-axis load cell.
— The data acquisition (DAQ) and filter settings of all recorded channels follow the common calibration standards. — All force and moment channels are measured during the calibration process of each axis. All channels are to be offset corrected in unloaded condition prior to the calibration test. — For force loading the force is applied within the neutral axes of the load cell. — Considering material settling for better comparability it is necessary to apply the loading process sequence given by the manufacturer of the calibration fixture. In order to keep accuracy and to prevent misalignment it should be avoided to exert torque within the mounting plane between load cell and fixture. This load case should be last in the sequence. It can cause rotation of the load cell within the fixture. Thus subsequently exerted loads can be shifted from the intended load axis. 5.2 Additional test information Identify the calibration range for each axis (if different from the nominal range of the load cell). Identify the order of the loading sequence, e.g. F x → M y → M z → F y → F z → M x . Identify the loading force direction at the moment of calibration for the correct polarity of the crosstalk value. Identify the typical sensitivity for each axis in order to select the appropriate gain settings for the measurement. If the sensitivity is known (e.g. value from a former calibration existing in the data base), the known value can be used for the test setup. 5.3 Crosstalk determination For a loading in discrete steps or a continuous loading procedure, the output voltages in [mV/V] of all transverse channels need to be recorded. After the calibration of all axes, the current sensitivities of these channels are known and can be used for the calculation of the crosstalk as percentage of the transducer axis’ calibration range.

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