ISO 20529-2:2021 pdf download – Intelligent transport systems — Framework for Green ITS (G-ITS) standards — Part 2: Integrated mobile service applications

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ISO 20529-2:2021 pdf download – Intelligent transport systems — Framework for Green ITS (G-ITS) standards — Part 2: Integrated mobile service applications
3.1.1 nomadic device ND implementation of a personal ITS station (3.1.2) which provides communication connectivity via equipment such as cellular telephones, mobile wireless broadband (WIMAX, HC-SDMA, etc.) or WiFi, and includes short range links, such as Bluetooth or Zigbee to connect portable devices to the motor vehicle communications system network [SOURCE: ISO 18561-1:2020, 3.1.1] 3.1.2 personal ITS station P-ITS-S implementation of an ITS station in a personal ITS subsystem [SOURCE: ISO 18561-1:2020, 3.1.2] 3.1.3 roadside ITS station R-ITS-S system installed at the roadside that receives and processes vehicular and pedestrian information within a certain zone and determines the situation in order to provide a safety warning and parking guide service to vehicles and pedestrians [SOURCE: ISO 18561-1:2020, 3.1.3] 3.1.4 Green ITS G-ITS new-concept transportation system expected to arise following the paradigm shift toward eco-friendly, low-carbon green growth as global policies in the transportation sector [SOURCE: ISO 18561-1:2020, 3.1.4, modified — added “in the transportation sector”.] 3.1.5 eco-mobility eco-transport systems and services based on eco-vehicles and their related facilities [SOURCE: ISO 18561-1:2020, 3.1.5] 3.1.6 central ITS station ITS station assuming a central role [SOURCE: ISO 18561-1:2020, 3.1.6] 3.1.7 eco-mileage incentive given to transport users who voluntarily cut back on fossil fuels in utilizing transportation modes
4 Document overview and structure This document provides all documents and references required to support the implementation of the requirements related to standardized access to the framework for green ITS (G-ITS) personal ITS stations. The ISO 20529 series consists of the following documents: — Part 1: General information and use case definition This part provides an overview of the ISO 20529 series and document structure along with the use case definition and common set of resources (definitions, references), which are used for all subsequent parts. — Part 2 (this document): Integrated mobile service application and specification This document specifies all technical requirements related to the integrated mobile service application for G-ITS to be used on the personal ITS station and to be interfaced with the central ITS station, vehicle ITS station and roadside ITS station. The requirements reflect the user services from the use cases as specified in the relevant sections of ISO 20529-1. The protocol shall be defined according to the requirements as specified in ISO 14817-1. 5 General information 5.1 Purpose of this document This document addresses three major areas: — Identification of the requirements of application level framework for green ITS (G-ITS) services, that can be frequently inserted, modified and deleted; — Identification of the method to describe the general information for all subjects related to G-ITS services on the personal ITS station interfaced with the central ITS station, vehicle ITS station, and roadside ITS station; — Specification of the general use cases that should be included for the G-ITS services.

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