ISO 18788:2015 pdf download – Management system for private security operations — Requirements with guidance for use

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ISO 18788:2015 pdf download – Management system for private security operations — Requirements with guidance for use.
3.20 human rights risk analysis HRRA process (3.43) to identify, analyse, evaluate and document human rights-related risks (3.50) and their impacts, in order to manage risk and to mitigate or prevent adverse human rights impacts and legal infractions Note 1 to entry: The HRRA is part of the organization’s (3.34) requirement (3.45) to undertake human rights due diligence to identify, prevent, mitigate and account for how it addresses impacts on human rights. Note 2 to entry: The HRRA is framed by relevant international human rights principles and conventions and forms a fundamental part of the organization’s overall risk assessment (3.54). Note 3 to entry: The HRRA includes an analysis of the severity of actual and potential human rights impacts that the organization may cause or contribute to through its security operations (3.63), or which may be linked directly to the organization’s operations, projects or services through its business relationships. The HRRA process should include consideration of the operational context, draw on the necessary human rights expertise, and involve direct, meaningful engagement with those stakeholders (3.24) whose rights may be at risk. Note 4 to entry: The analysis of the consequences (3.10) of adverse human rights impacts are measured and prioritized in terms of the severity of the impacts. Note 5 to entry: HRRAs should be undertaken at regular intervals, recognizing that human rights risks may change over time. Note 6 to entry: HRRAs will vary in complexity with the size of the organization, the risk of severe human rights impacts and the nature and context of its operations. Note 7 to entry: The HRRA is sometimes referred to as a “human rights risk assessment”, a “human rights impact assessment”, or a “human rights risk and impact assessment”. The language used in this International Standard is consistent with risk vocabulary used in ISO standards.

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