ISO 18091:2013 pdf download – Quality management systems — Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001:2008 in local government

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ISO 18091:2013 pdf download – Quality management systems — Guidelines for the application of ISO 9001:2008 in local government.
3.2 customer/citizen organization or person that receives a product/service Note 1 to entry: For purposes of this International Standard, customer/citizen refers to an organization, community or person that receives a product/service (3.7) from the local government (3.5), whether in return for payment or not. Note 2 to entry: It is important for local governments to recognize the various customers and to achieve a balanced response to all of their needs and expectations. For example, some citizens who are taxpayers, and whose contributions serve to finance the products/services of the local government, might not be the same citizens as those who actually benefit most from the products/services provided. Note 3 to entry: The term “customer” can sometimes cause controversy in local government/public administration and even in public international law, since it is related to the mercantile legislation. However, due to its wide adoption and usefulness in the standardization of quality management systems, the use of the term “customer” has been adopted in this International Standard, and is used in combination with “citizen”. 3.3 specification? for? local? government minimum requirements to be fulfilled by the local government (3.5) in order to provide products/services that meet the needs and expectations of its customers consistently and effectively Note 1 to entry: This is sometimes expressed in a document such as a “local government charter” or “service pledge”. Note 2 to entry: Part of the specification may come from legislation, or from regional or national government policies. Note 3 to entry: See Tables B.1 to B.4 for possible indicators of the performance specifications for local government.
3.6 local government process set of interrelated or interacting activities of the local government (3.5) which transform input (e.g. public policies, resources, customer/citizen (3.2) needs and expectations) into outputs/results (i.e. the products/services provided to the citizens) Note 1 to entry: Annex A provides some examples of typical local government processes. Note 2 to entry: ISO 9004 provides guidance on an improvement process towards sustained success.

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