ISO 14004:2004 pdf download – Environmental management systems — General guidelines on principles, systems and support techniques

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ISO 14004:2004 pdf download – Environmental management systems — General guidelines on principles, systems and support techniques.
2 Normative references No normative references are cited. This clause is included in order to retain clause numbering identical with the previous edition (ISO 1 4004:1 996). 3 Terms and definitions For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply. 3.1 auditor person with the competence to conduct an audit [ISO 9000:2000, 3.9.9] 3.2 continual improvement recurring process of enhancing the environmental management system (3.9) in order to achieve improvements in overall environmental performance (3.1 1 ) consistent with the organization’s (3.20) environmental policy (3.1 3) NOTE The process need not take place in all areas of activity simultaneously. [ISO 1 4001 :2004, 3.2] 3.3 correction action taken to eliminate a detected nonconformity (3.1 8) NOTE Adapted from ISO 9000:2000, 3.6.6.
3.4 corrective action action to eliminate the cause of a detected nonconformity (3.1 8) [ISO 1 4001 :2004, 3.3] 3.5 document information and its supporting medium NOTE 1 The medium can be paper, magnetic, electronic or optical computer disc, photograph or master sample, or a combination thereof. NOTE 2 Adapted from ISO 9000:2000, 3.7.2. [ISO 1 4001 :2004, 3.4] 3.6 environment surroundings in which an organization (3.20) operates, including air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, humans, and their interrelation NOTE Surroundings in this context extend from within an organization (3.20) to the global system. [ISO 1 4001 :2004, 3.5] 3.7 environmental aspect element of an organization’s (3.20) activities or products or services that can interact with the environment (3.6) NOTE A significant environmental aspect has or can have a significant environmental impact (3.8). [ISO 1 4001 :2004, 3.6] 3.8 environmental impact any change to the environment (3.6), whether adverse or beneficial, wholly or partially resulting from an organization’s (3.20) environmental aspects (3.7) [ISO 1 4001 :2004, 3.7] 3.9 environmental management system EMS part of an organization’s (3.20) management system used to develop and implement its environmental policy (3.1 3) and manage its environmental aspects (3.7) NOTE 1 A management system is a set of interrelated elements used to establish policy and objectives and to achieve those objectives. NOTE 2 A management system includes organizational structure, planning activities, responsibilities, practices, procedures (3.23), processes and resources. [ISO 1 4001 :2004, 3.8]

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