ISO 10007:2003 pdf download – Quality management systems — Guidelines for configuration management

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ISO 10007:2003 pdf download – Quality management systems — Guidelines for configuration management.
5 Configuration management process 5.1 General The activities that are performed within the configuration management process are described below. It is essential that these activities be coordinated for this process to be effective. The configuration management process should focus on customer requirements for the product and should take into account the context in which it will be performed. The configuration management process should be detailed in a configuration management plan. This should describe any project-specific procedures and the extent of their application during the life cycle of the product. 5.2 Configuration management planning Configuration management planning is the foundation for the configuration management process. Effective planning coordinates configuration management activities in a specific context over the product life cycle. The output of configuration management planning is the configuration management plan. The configuration management plan for a specific product should  be documented and approved,  be controlled,  identify the configuration management procedures to be used,  make reference to relevant procedures of the organization wherever possible, and  describe the responsibilities and authorities for carrying out configuration management throughout the life cycle of the product. The configuration management plan may be a stand-alone document, or a part of another document, or composed of several documents. In some situations, the organization will need to require a supplier to provide a configuration management plan. The organization may wish to retain such plans either as stand-alone documents or to incorporate them into its own configuration management plan. Annex A describes a potential structure and content for a configuration management plan.
5.3.2 Product configuration information Product configuration information comprises both product definition and product operational information. This typically includes requirements, specifications, design drawings, parts lists, software documents and listings, models, test specifications, maintenance and operating handbooks. Product configuration information should be relevant and traceable. Numbering conventions should be established that are unique and ensure proper control of configuration items. These should take into consideration the existing numbering conventions of the organization and the change control information, such as revision status. 5.3.3 Configuration baselines A configuration baseline consists of the approved product configuration information that represents the definition of the product. Configuration baselines, plus approved changes to those baselines, represent the current approved configuration. Configuration baselines should be established whenever it is necessary in the product life cycle to define a reference for further activities. The level of detail to which the product is defined in a configuration baseline depends on the degree of control required.

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