IS0 6517:1992 pdf download – Air cargo equipment – Base-restrained certified containers exclusively for the lower deck of high-capacity aircraft

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IS0 6517:1992 pdf download – Air cargo equipment – Base-restrained certified containers exclusively for the lower deck of high-capacity aircraft.
1 Scope This International Standard covers the design, fabri- cation, performance and testing requirements for general-purpose base-restrained exclusively lower deck compartment preloaded containers for high- capacity aircraft, capable of being used by either airlines or by shippers and requiring airworthiness certification. NOTE 1 The metric equivalents for dimensions have been rounded up or down to the nearest millimetre, ex- cept in critical dimensions Weights have been rounded up to the nearest kilogram and forces have been rounded up to the nearest 5 N 2 Normative references The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this International Standard. At the time of publi- cation, the editions indicated were valid All stan- dards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on this International Standard are encouraged to investigate the possibility of ap- plying the most recent editions of the standards in- dicated below. Members of IEC and IS0 maintain registers of currently valid International Standards IS0 4116.1986, Air cargo equipment – Ground equipment requirements for compatibility with a i r – craft unit load devices IS0 7166.1985, Aircraft – Rail and stud configuration for passenger equipment and c a r g o restraint. IS0 8097.1986, Aircraft – Minimum airworthiness re- quirements and fest conditions for certified a i r cargo unit load devices (Endorsement of NAS 3610) The base shall not contain rough or sharp edges potentially dangerous to personnel, cargo, aircraft or terminal handling equipment. The con- struction of the base shall be designed for strength and durability to withstand harsh treatment in ser- vice. The base shall be structurally attached to, and be an integral part of, the container assembly The base shall be removable with hand tools and shall be interchangeable. The base shall comply with the indenta- tion performance requirements of Where optional fork-lift capability is pro- vided,the minimum aperture size shall be 102 mm (4 in) high by 305 mm (12 in) wide, with chamfered protected edges. . Where provided, there shall be fork-lift pockets at least on the two long sides. although three-way entry is preferred on K-size units. On L-size units, the distance between the inner edges of the optional fork-lift pockets shall be not less than 813 mm (32 in), and on K-size units not less than 457 mm (18 in)

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