IEEE Std 952-2020 pdf download – IEEE Standard for Specifying and Testing Single-Axis Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyros

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IEEE Std 952-2020 pdf download – IEEE Standard for Specifying and Testing Single-Axis Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyros.
6.6 Test methods Instructions for performing specified tests in this clause are detailed in Clause 12. When a test is specified, the complete test method should be detailed in this specification, including requirements to be met to determine satisfactory performance. A test method should not be listed in 6.6 unless a requirement exists in Clause 5 of this specification. The corresponding test methods are shown in Annex D for each requirement. 6.6.1 Examination of product (mechanical) 6.6.2 Examination of product (electrical) Insulation resistances Impedances Dielectric strength 6.6.3 Leak test 6.6.4 Input power 6.6.5 Turn-on time 6.6.6 Warm-up time 6.6.7 Polarity 6.6.8 Operating temperature test series Temperature sensor characteristics Operating temperature 6.6.9 Gyro scale factor test series Gyro scale factor Gyro scale factor errors Gyro scale factor sensitivities 6.6.10 Input rate test series Maximum input rate Minimum input rate 6.6.11 Drift rate test series Bias Measurement noise Random drift
12. Test procedures 12.1 Examination of product—mechanical The gyro shall be inspected visually and dimensionally for proper identification, surface finish, and for defects in workmanship to determine that it conforms to the requirements of subclause __________. 12.2 Examination of product—electrical Inspect the gyro electrically according to the following subclauses to measure insulation resistances, impedances, and dielectric strength. For gyros where preamplifiers or other sensitive devices are included within the gyro case, care should be taken to avoid the application of voltages that could damage those devices. 12.2.1 Insulation resistance Purpose of insulation resistance test The purpose of this test is to measure the insulation resistance between the isolated circuits and between the gyro case and the circuits isolated from the gyro case. Insulation resistance test—equipment In addition to the standard operating equipment from 11.2.2, the following test equipment from 11.2.3 is required for this test and should be listed in this clause:a) Megohmmeter Insulation resistance test—setup and procedure Apply __________ V dc ± __________ V dc for a period of __________ s ± __________ s between the indicated circuits and between the circuits and the gyro case. Record the resistance reading.

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