IEEE Std 383-2015 pdf download – IEEE Standard for Qualifying Electric Cables and Splices for Nuclear Facilities

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IEEE Std 383-2015 pdf download – IEEE Standard for Qualifying Electric Cables and Splices for Nuclear Facilities.
factory rework: The addition or reapplication, during factory production, of insulation, extruded semiconducting layers, or jacket material on a portion of a manufactured length of conductor or cable. factory splices: The inclusion by the manufacturer of a joint and requisite re-insulation of the immediate splice zone to enable a cable of the required length to be manufactured and delivered. nuclear facilities: Structures, buildings, and systems provided that utilize, process or store fissionable material (i.e., nuclear power plant, reprocessing plant, storage facility).
5.3 Qualification with operating experience Auditable operating experience data are best used to establish qualification for normal service conditions of cables or field splices; to determine extrapolation limits, failure modes, and failure rates; or to confirm prior conclusions regarding service condition effects. Operating experience data are generally of limited use when establishing qualification to harsh DBE conditions and may be used if the in-service samples have performed successfully during applicable DBE conditions after exposure to aging conditions. Documentation of the operating environment shall include details of physical location and installation-related information of the cables or splices in the operating facilities. The cables or splices shall be considered to be qualified when it can be demonstrated that: (a) The documented service conditions are at least as severe as the service conditions of the intended application. (b) The cable or field splice being qualified is representative of those in service. (c) The documented performance of the in-service cables and field splices is equal to or exceeds the specified performance requirements.
5.4 Qualification with analysis Qualification by analysis alone is not acceptable. Analysis shall be performed only as a supplement to type testing and operating experience for such purposes as the following: a) Support test assumptions and results. b) Evaluate test data or operating experience data. c) Determine the cause of a test failure and, where justified, establish qualification to less-severe service conditions or acceptance criteria. d) Apply type-test results for in-plant application. e) Augment a generic test to demonstrate that performance-related physical properties are similar, that the materials are compatible, and that the materials interact in a manner similar to those used on a qualified cable or field splice. When analysis is used to support qualification of cables or field splices to less-severe service conditions or acceptance criteria, the less-severe conditions or criteria shall be clearly delineated in the qualification report.

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