IEEE IEC P82079-1-2018 pdf download – PREPARATION OF INFORMATION FOR USE (INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE) OF PRODUCTS – Part 1: Principles and general requirements

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IEEE IEC P82079-1-2018 pdf download – PREPARATION OF INFORMATION FOR USE (INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE) OF PRODUCTS – Part 1: Principles and general requirements.
5 Principles 5.1 General This clause establishes principles for the selection of content, structure, and format for information for use, and the processes for the design and sustainment of information for use. The principles are concerned with: a)the purpose of the information for use; b)the quality of information in the information for use; and c)the use of processes for the management of information. 5.2 Purpose of information for use 5.2.1 General Information for use shall provide the necessary information for the target audiences to make safe, efficient, and effective use of a supported product. To meet this purpose, information for use provides the following information types: a)conceptual information – concepts, explanations and descriptions to enable the target audiences to perform tasks by understanding their purpose and the principles of operation of the supported product; b)instructional information – procedures and task-oriented step-by-step instructions; and c)reference information – detailed information which needs to be retrieved occasionally, such as troubleshooting information, commands or codes.
5.3.3 Minimalism Minimalism shall be applied. Minimalism is an approach to information for use that includes critical information and the least amount of other information needed to be complete. Critical information includes the safe use of the system, the security of the information created with the system, or the privacy of the information created by or stored with the system . In contrast to minimalist information, excessive documentation of all possible system functions, for example, is wasteful. It can hinder users from comprehending how to use a system for their common or critical tasks, and from discovering needed information quickly in their context of use. Minimalism balances the cost of developing and sustaining information for use with the needs of the target audiences to operate a system safely, effectively, and efficiently. Critical information, such as safety-related information, shall be repeated where it is needed. 5.3.4 Correctness Information for use shall be technically correct and contain the current information on the supported product to which the information for use relates. If the supported product is being modified, the need for changes in the information for use should be evaluated. 5.3.5 Conciseness Information for use shall be concise with respect to content, format, and media. Conciseness in content means that only relevant information is provided. .

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