IEEE 1267-2019 pdf download – IEEE Guide for Development of Specifications for Turnkey Substation Projects

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IEEE 1267-2019 pdf download – IEEE Guide for Development of Specifications for Turnkey Substation Projects. Work in scope The contractor is generally responsible for all aspects of a substation turnkey project, but the full scope of the project should be clearly defined in the turnkey specification. The purchaser should state any requirements for document formats, file format, software, procedures and drawing standards. Any requirements that would apply if the contractor elects to utilize subcontractors should be made clear, including pre-verification of resumes, certifications, background, and capabilities related to the subcontracted scope of work. Definition of engineering scope A list of engineering deliverables required to be produced by the contractor should be provided in the RFP. This includes drawings, calculations, studies, specifications and other necessary documents. The purchaser should provide requirements for the design review and approval process. Details can include list of necessary submittals, review timelines, and resolution of comments. Definition of procurement scope In general, all materials are to be purchased by the contractor except those provided by the purchaser. Any purchaser ‘s technical specifications or specific requirements and lists of approved manufacturers should be included, as well as any commercial terms that need to be included in purchase agreements with manufacturers or vendors. Definition of construction scope In general, all construction is to be performed by the contractor except that which will be performed by others. When aspects of construction are to be performed by others, they should be delineated to allow contractor to determine the nature and magnitude of coordination necessary. Definition of testing and commissioning scope The purchaser should clearly define the extent of any testing and commissioning activities required to be performed by the contractor. If there is a requirement for testing to be performed by a third party or witnessed by the purchaser, it should be stated.

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