IEC TS 63058:2021 pdf download – Switchgear and controlgear and their assemblies for low voltage – Environmental aspects

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IEC TS 63058:2021 pdf download – Switchgear and controlgear and their assemblies for low voltage – Environmental aspects.
3.1.10 environmental impact change to the environment, whether adverse or beneficial, wholly or partly resulting from an organization’s environmental aspects [SOURCE: ISO 14001:2015, 3.2.4] 3.1.11 environmental declaration claim which indicates the environmental aspects of a product or a service, for example a Type II or a Type III environmental declaration or a product environmental footprint Note 1 to entry: An environmental label or declaration may take the form of a statement, symbol or graphic on a product or package label, in product literature, in technical bulletins, in advertising or in publicity, amongst other things. [SOURCE: ISO 14020:2000, 2.1, modified – First preferred term “environmental label” deleted and “for example a Type II or a Type III environmental declaration or a product environmental footprint” added.] 3.1.12 Type II environmental declaration environmental declaration providing self-declared environmental claims according to ISO 14021:2016 3.1.13 Type III environmental declaration environmental declaration providing quantified environmental data using predetermined parameters and, where relevant, additional environmental information Note 1 to entry: For a Type III declaration, an environmental declaration program is used, including program instructions and product category rules. The predetermined parameters are based on ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. Note 2 to entry: The additional environmental information may be quantitative or qualitative. [SOURCE: ISO 14025:2006, 3.2, modified – Note 1 to entry modified.]
3.1.19 homogeneous product family subgroup of a product family where the environmental aspects can reasonably be expected to be similar and therefore scalable over the group through a function of certain parameter, for example electrical ratings or weight 3.1.20 LCA report accompanying document to the life cycle assessment as a basis to the environmental declaration giving further detailed information about the inputs, outputs, used LCI-data and the made assumptions in regard to this document Note 1 to entry: The LCA report is not meant for external communication but has to be kept for justification proposes in terms of environmental declaration verification or market surveillance. 3.1.21 life cycle consecutive and interlinked stages of a product system, from raw material acquisition or generation from natural resources to the final disposal [SOURCE: ISO 14040:2006, 3.1] 3.1.22 life cycle assessment compilation and evaluation of the inputs, outputs and the potential environmental impacts of a product system throughout its life cycle [SOURCE: ISO 14040:2006, 3.2, modified – Abbreviated term “LCA” deleted.] 3.1.23 life cycle inventory inventory of flows from and to nature for a product system Note 1 to entry: Inventory flows include inputs of water, energy, and raw materials, and releases to air, land, and water. Note 2 to entry: LCI according to the ILCD Guidelines are available in the Life Cycle Data Network (LCDN).
3.1.28 packaging material that is used to protect or contain a product during transportation, storage, marketing or use Note 1 to entry: For the purposes of this document, the term “packaging” also includes any item that is physically attached to, or included with, a product or its container for the purpose of marketing the product or communicating information about the product. [SOURCE: ISO 14021:2016, 3.1.13] 3.1.29 process set of interrelated or interacting activities which transform inputs into outputs Note 1 to entry: Inputs to a process are generally outputs of other processes. Note 2 to entry: Processes in an organization are generally planned and carried out under controlled conditions to add value. [SOURCE: ISO 9000:2015, 3.4.1, modified – “that use inputs to deliver an intended result” replaced with “which transform inputs into outputs”, Notes 1, 3, 5 and 6 to entry deleted, Note 2 to entry shortened.] 3.1.30 product goods or service [SOURCE: ISO 14024:2018, 3.2] 3.1.31 product category group of products that can fulfil equivalent functions [SOURCE: ISO 14025:2006, 3.12] 3.1.32 product category rules set of specific rules, requirements and guidelines for developing Type II/Type III environmental declarations and/or for quantitative analysis within an ECD process, for one or more product categories [SOURCE: ISO 14025:2006, 3.5, modified – Abbreviated term “PCR” deleted, “Type II/” and “and/or for quantitative analysis within an ECD process” added.]

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