IEC 62061:2021 pdf download – Safety of machinery – Functional safety of safety-related control systems

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IEC 62061:2021 pdf download – Safety of machinery – Functional safety of safety-related control systems.
2 Normative references The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies. IEC 60204-1:2016, Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment of machines – Part 1: General requirements IEC 61000-1-2:2016, Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part 1-2: General – Methodology for the achievement of functional safety of electrical and electronic systems including equipment with regard to electromagnetic phenomena IEC 61508 (all parts), Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety- related systems IEC 61508-2:2010, Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety- related systems – Part 2: Requirements for electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems IEC 61508-3:2010, Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety- related systems – Part 3: Software requirements
3.2.1 machinery machine assembly, fitted with or intended to be fitted with a drive system consisting of linked parts or components, at least one of which moves, and which are joined together for a specific application Note 1 to entry: The term “machinery” also covers an assembly of machines which, in order to achieve the same end, are arranged and controlled so that they function as an integral whole. [SOURCE: ISO 12100:2010, 3.1] 3.2.2 machine control system system that responds to input signals from the machinery and/or from an operator and generates output signals causing the machinery to operate in the desired manner Note 1 to entry: The machine control system includes input devices and final elements. [SOURCE: IEC 61508-4:2010, 3.3.3, modified – the term defined has been changed, “process” has been changed to “machinery”] 3.2.3 safety-related control system SCS part of the control system of a machine which implements a safety function by one or more subsystems Note 1 to entry: SCS is similar to SRECS of the previous edition of this document. 3.2.4 subsystem entity of the top-level architectural design of a safety-related system where a dangerous failure of the subsystem results in dangerous failure of a safety function Note 1 to entry: This differs from common language where “subsystem” may mean any sub-divided part of an entity, the term “subsystem” is used in this document within a strongly defined hierarchy of terminology: “subsystem” is the first level subdivision of a system. The parts resulting from further subdivision of a subsystem are called “subsystem elements”. Note 2 to entry: A complete subsystem can be made up from a number of identifiable and separate subsystem elements.
3.2.12 harm injury or damage to the health of people [SOURCE: ISO/IEC Guide 51:2014, 3.1, modified – without damage to property or the environment] 3.2.13 integrator entity who designs, manufactures or assembles an integrated manufacturing system and is responsible for the safety strategy, including the protective measures, control interfaces and interconnections of the control system Note 1 to entry: The integrator may be for example a manufacturer, assembler, engineering company, or entity with the overall responsibility for the machine. [SOURCE: ISO 11161:2007, 3.10, modified – “provides” has been deleted, last entry in note reformulated] 3.2.14 protective measure measure intended to achieve risk reduction [SOURCE: ISO 12100:2010, 3.19, modified – bullet list removed] 3.2.15 risk combination of the probability of occurrence of harm and the severity of that harm [SOURCE: ISO/IEC Guide 51:2014, 3.9 modified – note to entry removed] 3.2.16 muting temporary automatic suspension of a safety function(s) Note 1 to entry: Other means are used to maintain the safety level. [SOURCE: ISO 13849-1:2015, 3.1.8, modified – “by the SRP/CS” has been deleted, note added]
3.2.19 (SCS) diagnostic function function intended to detect faults in the SCS and initiate a specified fault reaction function when a fault is detected Note 1 to entry: This function is intended to detect faults that could lead to a dangerous failure of a safety function and initiate a specified fault reaction function. 3.2.20 (SCS) fault reaction function function that is initiated when a fault within an SCS is detected by the SCS diagnostic function 3.2.21 safety integrity probability of an SCS or its subsystem satisfactorily performing the required safety function under all stated conditions within a stated period of time Note 1 to entry: The higher the level of safety integrity of the item, the lower the probability that the item will fail to carry out the required safety function. Note 2 to entry: Safety integrity comprises hardware safety integrity and systematic safety integrity. [SOURCE: IEC 61508-4:2010, 3.5.4, modified – terminology adapted to machinery, notes 2, 3, 5 deleted]

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