IEC 60809:2021 pdf download – Lamps and light sources for road vehicles – Dimensional, electrical and luminous requirements

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IEC 60809:2021 pdf download – Lamps and light sources for road vehicles – Dimensional, electrical and luminous requirements.
4 Requirements and test conditions for filament lamps 4.1 General requirements Filament lamps shall be so designed as to be and to remain in good working order when in normal use. They shall, moreover, exhibit no fault in design or manufacture. 4.2 Lamp marking The following information shall be legibly and durably marked on all filament lamps, except for non-replaceable filament lamps: – the trade name or mark of the manufacturer or responsible vendor; – the nominal voltage; – the international designation of the relevant category; – the nominal wattage (in the sequence: high wattage filament/low wattage filament for dual filament lamps); this need not be indicated separately if it is part of the international designation of the relevant filament lamp category. Additionally, halogen filament lamps meeting the requirements of 4.9 shall be marked with a “U”. NOTE 1 Halogen filament lamps are filament lamps whose category designation usually starts with the letter “H”. Some halogen lamps complying with the requirements in 4.9 have a category designation starting with another letter. Inscriptions other than the above may be affixed. NOTE 2 An example of such an inscription is the approval mark or the approval code conferred by an administrative authority. Compliance shall be checked by the following: a) presence and legibility – by visual inspection; b) durability – by applying the following test on unused lamps: The area of the marking on the lamp shall be rubbed by hand with a smooth cloth, dampened with water, for a period of 1 5 s. After this test the marking shall still be legible.
4.4.2 Colour endurance Filament lamps, but for conformity of production purposes only colour coated lamps, for use in light signalling devices, shall be operated under test conditions for colour endurance measurements as specified in Annex J. Thereafter the colour of the light shall be measured by the method specified in Annex B, and all measuring results, but for amber and red colour at least 80 % of the measuring results for conformity of production purposes, shall be within the limits specified in 4.4.1 . In the case of colour filter coatings, no cracks in these coatings shall be visible without specific optical tools. Test samples that have been operated under conditions as specified in Annex J shall no longer be used in light signalling devices and shall be considered end of life for that purpose. 4.4.3 Coated bulb In the case of a coated bulb, after the ageing period described in Annex C, C.1 .1 , the surface of the bulb shall be lightly wiped with a cotton cloth soaked in a mixture of 70 % by volume of n-heptane and 30 % by volume of toluol. After about 5 min, the surface shall be inspected visually. It shall not show any apparent changes. 4.5 Lamp dimensions The filament lamp dimensions shall comply with the limiting values given in the lamp drawing or on the relevant filament lamp data sheet.
4.6 Caps and bases Filament lamps shall have standard caps or bases as specified on the relevant filament lamp data sheet and shall comply with the relevant cap data sheet of IEC 60061 -1 . This requirement does not apply to non-replaceable filament lamps; in this case, filament lamps shall be equipped with bases that allow firm and secure fixation to the lighting or light signalling devices, or to parts/modules/units of such devices, for which these filament lamps are designed and intended. 4.7 Initial electrical and luminous requirements Filament lamp wattage and luminous flux shall comply with the limiting values given on the relevant lamp data sheet. The luminous flux specified on the relevant filament lamp data sheet applies for filament lamps emitting white light, unless a special colour is stated on the data sheet. In the case where selective-yellow colour is allowed, the luminous flux of the filament lamp with selective-yellow (outer) bulb shall be at least 85 % of the specified luminous flux of the relevant filament lamps with a colourless bulb. Compliance shall be checked by the tests specified in Annex C, Clause C.1 . 4.8 Check on optical quality 4.8.1 General This requirement applies only to double filament lamps with internal shield for headlamps emitting an asymmetrical dipped beam when the relevant regulation requires such a test. The check on optical quality shall be carried out at a voltage such that the test luminous flux is obtained.

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