IEC 60794-6:2020 pdf download – Optical fibre cables – Part 6: Indoor-outdoor cables – Sectional specification for indoor-outdoor cables

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IEC 60794-6:2020 pdf download – Optical fibre cables – Part 6: Indoor-outdoor cables – Sectional specification for indoor-outdoor cables.
1 Scope This part of IEC 60794 is a sectional specification covering general features of optical fibre cables applicable to outdoor as well as indoor environments, called “indoor-outdoor cables”. Indoor-outdoor cables are deployed in outside plant environments as well as in premises thus fulfilling outdoor as well as indoor requirements. Typical application spaces are, for example, extension of a duct cable into a building or using this design for centralized cabling in the central office, the premises or local area network where the same cable is used for the entire length of the cabling link including both the indoor as well as the outdoor portions. Cables which generally possess the characteristics associated with outdoor cable designs having the thermal and mechanical robustness that makes them suitable for use in the outside plant, while simultaneously being relatively flexible, compact and lightweight and exhibiting the fire performance required in indoor premises are specified in IEC 60794-6-10. Flame retardant outdoor cables as specified in IEC 60794-6-20 are used when most of the cable length is deployed as an outdoor cable with a part of its length deployed indoors. The cable design can be derived from a typical outdoor cable design according to the product specifications described in IEC 60794-3. The specific performance related to bend radii according to the installation situation and fire performance according to the regional legislation mainly requires the appropriate selection of the jacket material in combination with other material and/or design considerations. Because of the use in buildings with tighter space restrictions, higher flexibility of the cable is often required for the installation. Often, smaller diameter cables are preferred. Indoor cables which are weatherised as specified in (IEC 60794-6-30) are used when an indoor cable is used outdoors over a short distance (few meters), for example when the network access point (NAP) is very close to the building.
5.2 Materials compatibility The material(s) used for a cable element shall be selected to be compatible with the other elements in contact with it. Compatibility testing should be in accordance with IEC 60794-1-219. Alternative ageing conditions and tests may be agreed between the customer and supplier. 5.3 Optical elements Optical elements are cable elements containing optical fibres and are designed to be a primary functional unit of the cable core. Optical elements and each fibre within a cable element shall be uniquely identified as described in IEC 60794-2 and IEC 60794-3. 5.4 Testing of cable elements Tests may be performed on cable elements either in non-cabled form or in finished cables. Unless otherwise specified, testing shall be performed on cable elements in a finished cable. This means that testing shall be performed only on a finished cable if the cable element manufacturing operation is done by the same manufacturer as the cabling operation. Testing shall be performed on cable elements only if the cable element is supplied by a third party; this does not exclude testing of the finished cable. Testing of elements as defined in IEC 60794-1-23 can, of course, be used as a guide for internal verification by a manufacturer. 5.5 Cable elements to be used for indoor-outdoor cable All relevant cable elements to be used for indoor-outdoor cables are described in IEC 60794-2 and IEC 60794-3. 6 Common specifications for indoor-outdoor cables Indoor-outdoor cables are defined as cables which fulfill the following common specifications: – resistance against humidity; – UV resistance according to IEC 60794-3:2014, 6.6.3, IEC 60794-1-22, method F14, and the following Table 1; – flame retardance according to IEC 60794-2:2017, 7.4, and the following Table 1.

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