BS ISO 18875:2015 pdf download – Coalbed methane exploration and development — Terms and definitions

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BS ISO 18875:2015 pdf download – Coalbed methane exploration and development — Terms and definitions.
2.26 recovery factor ratio of recoverable amount of hydrocarbon initially in place [SOURCE: WWW.GLOSSARY.OILFIELD.SLB.COM] 2.27 reserve portion of the demonstrated reserve base that is estimated to be recoverable at the time of determination Note 1 to entry: Derived by applying a recovery factor to that component of the identified resource designated as the demonstrated reserve base. 2.28 CBM resource abundance amount of hydrocarbons in unit area 2.29 zone evaluation screening of various zones to decide on one or more favorable zone through comprehensive geological research 2.30 prospecting well wildcat well well drilled for the purpose of discovering a new field or reservoir in the new frontier [SOURCE:] 2.31 appraisal well wells drilled after gas has been discovered, in order to establish the limits of the accumulation in terms of both the area extent and thickness of the reservoir and the volume of hydrocarbons it contains, and in order to obtain fluid samples to investigate the distribution of fluid properties in the reservoir 2.32 dirt band parting layer of mineral matter lying parallel to the bedding plane in a seam of coal [SOURCE: ISO 1213-2:1992] 2.33 ash residue obtained by incineration of a solid mineral fuel under specified conditions [SOURCE: ISO 1213-2:1992]
3.34 fracture pressure gradient pressure gradient at which a specific formation interval breaks to form fractures 3.35 fracture extension pressure pressure in fracture making fracture open and extending in fracturing 3.36 closure pressure construction pressure to make fracture closed after pump stops in fracturing 3.37 vertically staged fracturing pointed fracture layer by layer (segment) after separating target layers (segment) through a method 3.38 horizontally staged fracturing technology to operate multi-stage fracturing to horizontal wells through separate layer (segment) fracturing technology 3.39 re-fracturing fracture more than once on the same layer of the same well 3.40 vertical fracture fracture surface is perpendicular to the coal seam, normally caused when horizontal stress is smaller than vertical stress 3.41 horizontal fracture fracture surface is parallel to the coal seam, normally caused when horizontal crustal stress is larger than vertical crustal stress 3.42 log systematic recording of data, such as a driller’s log, mud log, electrical well log, or radioactivity log Note 1 to entry: Many different logs are run in wells to discern various characteristics of downhole formation.

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