BS ISO 16745:2015 pdf download – Environmental performance of buildings — Carbon metric of a building — Use stage

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BS ISO 16745:2015 pdf download – Environmental performance of buildings — Carbon metric of a building — Use stage. System boundary for the carbon metric CM3 The system boundary for the carbon metric CM3 shall include all the elements within the system boundary for CM2 plus other processes and activities (including upstream and downstream processes), causing GHG emissions and removals associated with the use stage of the building and other systems within the building’s site (curtilage). These shall include, where significant, maintenance, including cleaning, repair, replacement and refurbishment, water use, waste treatment and disposal, and emissions of refrigerant from building air cooling systems. 5.2 Carbon metric and carbon intensity The carbon metric is a measure of total GHG emissions attributed to the use of a building in operation, over a one year period. For more detailed analysis or comparison, the carbon metric may be denoted relative to a specific measure of carbon intensity, e.g. per unit area, per person, per kilobyte, per unit output, and/or per GDP. 5.3 Calculation of GHG emissions 5.3.1 GHG emissions associated with energy use of a building The emitted mass of GHG, expressed as kg CO 2 equivalent per kg emission, shall be calculated from the delivered energy for each energy carrier plus the on-site energy, if any, produced without using delivered energy and used in the building and/or for other energy use within the building’s site, multiplied by the respective GHG emission coefficient.
6.2.2 Additional information The report should indicate the following information, where relevant: a) owner’s name and contact information; b) category of industry the building serves (in case of non-residential use); c) detailed inventory of appliances; d) point of time of last change of tenant; e) technical information depending on the purpose of measurement; f) exported energy including the related greenhouse gas emissions. 6.3 Communication of the carbon metric 6.3.1 Type of communication There are two types of communication that may be used to make the carbon metric publicly available (see Figure 5). — a Carbon Metric declaration — a Carbon Metric claim NOTE In relation to a carbon metric communication, the term “publicly available” means a communication that is deliberately placed in the public domain or intended to be available to consumers, for instance, through an intentional publication or through an open Internet site. Communications which are, for instance, exchanged between businesses or posted on a restricted access internet site are not classified as publicly available even if they subsequently enter the public domain through the unforeseen actions of a third party. Carbon metric declaration A carbon metric declaration is the communication of a carbon metric that has been verified by an independent third party. Assumptions made to create the declaration shall be included in the documentation of the organization or individual determining the carbon metric, which shall be referenced in the declaration and made available upon request.

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