BS IEC 62003:2020 pdf download – Nuclear power plants — Instrumention, control and electrical power systems — Requirements for electromagnetic compatibility testing

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BS IEC 62003:2020 pdf download – Nuclear power plants — Instrumention, control and electrical power systems — Requirements for electromagnetic compatibility testing.
a) Technical background, main issues and organization of the standard This International Standard was prepared and based, to a very strong extent, on the current application of the IEC 61 000 series for commercial equipment qualification for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). It is intended that this standard be used by operators of nuclear power plants (utilities), systems evaluators and by licensors. b) Situation of the current standard in the structure of the SC 45A standard series IEC 62003 is the third level SC 45A document dealing with the issue of qualification for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) applicable to Instrumentation and Control (I&C) and electrical systems important to safety in nuclear facilities. For more details on the structure of the SC 45A standard series see item d) of this introduction. c) Recommendation and limitation regarding the application of this standard It is important to note that this standard establishes no additional functional requirements for safety systems but clarifies the criteria to be applied for qualification to Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI) from the commercial standards. Aspects for which special requirements and recommendations have been produced, are: 1 ) IEC 61 000 series with specific qualifications for nuclear applications around the world; 2) regulatory interpretations for requirements on level of qualification necessary and types of recommended testing to address all potential environmental stressors, related to this type of qualification; 3) IEC 61 000-6-2, Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part 6-2: Generic Standards – Immunity for industrial environments, addresses requirements for all industrial environments while this standard addresses environments in nuclear facilities specifically.
This standard is intended to align with the guidance contained within IEC 61 000-6-5 and IEC 61 000-6-7 where possible. Additional considerations from these standards can be used in conjunction with this standard when addressing the EMC of electrical and I&C equipment in nuclear facilities. d) Description of the structure of the IEC SC45A standard series and relationships with other IEC documents and other bodies documents (IAEA, ISO) The top-level documents of the IEC SC45A standard series are IEC 61 51 3 and IEC 63046. IEC 61 51 3 provides general requirements for I&C systems and equipment that are used to perform functions important to safety in NPPs. IEC 63046 provides general requirements for electrical power systems of NPPs; it covers power supply systems including the supply systems of the I&C systems. IEC 61 51 3 and IEC 63046 are to be considered in conjunction and at the same level. IEC 61 51 3 and IEC 63046 structure the IEC SC45A standard series and shape a complete framework establishing general requirements for instrumentation, control and electrical systems for nuclear power plants. IEC 61 51 3 and IEC 63046 refer directly to other IEC SC45A standards for general topics related to categorization of functions and classification of systems, qualification, separation, defence against common cause failure, control room design, electromagnetic compatibility, cybersecurity, software and hardware aspects for programmable digital systems, coordination of safety and security requirements and management of ageing. The standards referenced directly at this second level should be considered together with IEC 61 51 3 and IEC 63046 as a consistent document set. At a third level, IEC SC45A standards not directly referenced by IEC 61 51 3 or by IEC 63046 are standards related to specific equipment, technical methods, or specific activities. Usually these documents, which make reference to second-level documents for general topics, can be used on their own.
A fourth level extending the IEC SC45 standard series, corresponds to the Technical Reports which are not normative. The IEC SC45A standards series consistently implements and details the safety and security principles and basic aspects provided in the relevant IAEA safety standards and in the relevant documents of the IAEA nuclear security series (NSS). In particular this includes the IAEA requirements SSR-2/1 , establishing safety requirements related to the design of nuclear power plants (NPPs), the IAEA safety guide SSG-30 dealing with the safety classification of structures, systems and components in NPPs, the IAEA safety guide SSG-39 dealing with the design of instrumentation and control systems for NPPs, the IAEA safety guide SSG-34 dealing with the design of electrical power systems for NPPs and the implementing guide NSS1 7 for computer security at nuclear facilities. The safety and security terminology and definitions used by SC45A standards are consistent with those used by the IAEA.

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