BS EN IEC 63086-1:2020 pdf download – Household and similar electrical air cleaning appliances — Methods for measuring the performance Part 1: General requirements

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BS EN IEC 63086-1:2020 pdf download – Household and similar electrical air cleaning appliances — Methods for measuring the performance Part 1: General requirements.
1 Scope This part of IEC 63086 applies to electrically powered household and similar air cleaners intended for use on rated single-phase AC input voltage circuits not exceeding 250 V and DC input voltage circuits not exceeding 48 V. NOTE 1 See Clause 4 for examples of different technologies and placements of household and similar air cleaners. NOTE 2 If the test methods in this document are applied to combination products (air conditioners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heaters, etc.) with air cleaning function, they are only aimed at their air cleaning function when tested. NOTE 3 Battery-operated appliances are within the scope of this document. Dual-supply appliances, either mains- supplied or battery-operated, are regarded as battery-operated appliances when operated in the battery mode. NOTE 4 This document is not applicable to: • appliances intended exclusively for industrial purposes; • appliances intended for use in medical treatment locations, such as surgical suites, laboratories, medical treatments rooms, etc. • household range hoods or cooking fume extractors – see IEC 61 591 . 2 Normative references The following documents are referred to in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of this document. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document (including any amendments) applies. IEC 60704 (all parts), Household and similar electrical appliances – Test code for the determination of airborne acoustical noise IEC 62301 :201 1 , Household electrical appliances – Measurement of standby power 3 Terms and definitions For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply. ISO and IEC maintain terminological databases for use in standardization at the following addresses: • IEC Electropedia: available at • ISO Online browsing platform: available at
3.2 robotic air cleaner air cleaner that operates and changes its physical location autonomously without user intervention Note 1 to entry: The robotic air cleaner can consist of a part that houses the air cleaning function and can have a docking station and/or other accessories to assist its operation. 3.3 fresh-air air cleaner air cleaner connected to the external environment, which provides pollutant-reduced outdoor air into an indoor space Note 1 to entry: The fresh-air air cleaner can also include other auxiliary functions, such as heat exchange. 3.4 combination products air cleaner that includes a secondary function besides air cleaning within the same housing, such as humidifying, dehumidifying, heating, or air conditioning 3.5 DUT device under test air cleaner undergoing examination 3.6 test chamber self-contained room with determined volume, shape, and dimensions, which is used to measure the performance of the DUT 3.7 target pollutant specific air pollutant with defined components, including three main categories: particulate matter, gaseous pollutants, and microorganisms 3.8 operation decay rate reduction rate of the target pollutant in the test chamber, due to operation of the DUT Note 1 to entry: Units are per hour (h −1 ). 3.9 CADR clean air delivery rate flow rate of clean air (with respect to the target pollutant) delivered by the DUT calculated as the product of the measured operation decay rate and the associated test chamber volume Note 1 to entry: The unit is cubic metres per hour (m 3 h −1 ).
3.1 2 maximum performance operation mode manual operation mode where the DUT is set to the highest flow rate with all air cleaning functions switched on and set to maximum, where applicable Note 1 to entry: If the DUT has zero flow rate, the CADR is measured with all air cleaning functions switched on. Note 2 to entry: “All air cleaning functions switched on” implies that the requirements for testing are that all available filters, either for particle and gas filtration, or a combination of both, are inserted in the DUT for each type of test described in the applicable parts of IEC 63086-2. 3.1 3 energy efficiency in maximum performance operation mode volume of cleaned air provided by consumption of a certain amount of energy calculated by dividing the CADR of the DUT by the electrical power input Note 1 to entry: The unit is cubic metres per watt hour (m 3 W −1 h −1 ).

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