BS EN IEC 62934:2021 pdf download – Grid integration of renewable energy generation — Terms and definition

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BS EN IEC 62934:2021 pdf download – Grid integration of renewable energy generation — Terms and definition.
3.1.3 renewable energy generation generation of electrical energy, which uses renewable energy as the primary energy source for the conversion into electricity 3.1.4 variable renewable energy generation subset of renewable energy generation, which uses variable renewable energy as the primary energy source for the conversion into electricity EXAMPLE Wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation, concentrated solar power generation, wave power generation. Note 1 to entry: The primary energy from variable renewable energy sources is in most cases not able to be stored and therefore the electricity generated is constrained by the availability of the energy source. 3.1 .5 renewable energy generating unit REGU smallest set of equipment which can generate electricity from renewable energy and can feed the electricity into an electric power network Note 1 to entry: Several typical forms of renewable energy generating unit are shown in Annex A. 3.1 .6 renewable energy power plant collection of renewable energy generating units connected to an electric power network through one or more points of connection, including auxiliaries and connection equipment Note 1 to entry: Two typical forms of renewable energy power plant are shown in Annex A. 3.1 .7 power collection system <renewable energy power plant> electrical system that collects the electricity from at least one renewable energy generating unit and feeds this electricity into an electric power network, usually comprising transformers and overhead lines or cables
3.1.1 1 point of common coupling PCC point in an electric power system, electrically nearest to a particular load or the POC of a power plant, at which other loads/power plants are, or may be, connected Note 1 to entry: These loads can be either devices, equipment or systems, or distinct customer’s installations. [SOURCE: IEC 60050-61 4:201 6, 61 4-01 -1 2, modified – “or the POC of a power plant” is added and “network users’ installations” is changed to “customer’s installations”] 3.1.1 2 cluster <renewable energy power plant> two or more neighboring renewable energy power plants which are connected to the electric power network via a common substation Note 1 to entry: Typical form of cluster is shown in Annex A. 3.1 .1 3 distributed energy resources DER generators (with their auxiliaries, protection and connection equipment), including loads having a generating mode (such as electrical energy storage systems), connected to a low-voltage or a medium-voltage network [SOURCE: IEC 60050-61 7:201 7,61 7-04-20] 3.1.1 4 distributed generation DG generation of electric energy by multiple sources which are connected to the power distribution system [SOURCE: IEC-60050-61 7:2009, 61 7-04-09] 3.1.1 5 virtual power plant VPP group of distributed energy resources and controllable loads which combine to function as a dispatchable unit Note 1 to entry: A virtual power plant can be used for the purpose of participating in the electricity market or aggregating ancillary services. [SOURCE: IEC 60050-61 7:201 7, 61 7-04-27, modified − controllable loads are included in the definition since they form an essential part of virtual power plant]
3.2.1 .2 electric power network particular installations, substations, lines or cables for the transmission and distribution of electricity Note 1 to entry: The boundaries of the different parts of this network are defined by appropriate criteria, such as geographical situation, ownership, voltage, etc. [SOURCE: IEC 60050-601 :1 985, 601 -01 -02] 3.2.1 .3 bulk power system BPS bulk electricity system portion of the electric power system comprising the facilities used for the generation and transmission of electric energy Note 1 to entry: The extent of the bulk power system is usually limited to the means for production and transmission of electric energy to major industrial and distribution centers. Note 2 to entry: In English, the term “composite system” is also used for this concept. [SOURCE: IEC 60050-601 :1 985, 601 -01 -33] 3.2.2 electrical quantities nominal voltage U n <power plant> value of the voltage (line to line) by which a power plant is designated and identified, usually defined at the POC [SOURCE: IEC 60050-826:2004, 826-1 1 -01 , modified − supplementary information is added to indicate that the nominal voltage of a power plant is usually defined at the point of connection] rated power rated active power maximum continuous power output which a renewable energy generating unit or plant is designed to achieve under normal operating conditions Note 1 to entry: In some standards and grid codes this term is referred as “rated capacity”. [SOURCE: IEC 60050-41 5:1 999, 41 5-04-03, modified – “wind turbine” is changed to “renewable energy generating unit or plant” to adapt the scope of this standard]

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