BS EN IEC 62041:2020 pdf download – Transformers, power supplies, reactors and similar products — EMC requirements

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BS EN IEC 62041:2020 pdf download – Transformers, power supplies, reactors and similar products — EMC requirements
3.1.3 enclosure port physical boundary of the EUT which electromagnetic fields may radiate through or impinge on 3.1 .4 cable port port at which a conductor or a cable is connected to the EUT Note 1 to entry: Examples are signal, control and power ports. 3.1.5 signal port port at which a conductor or cable intended to carry signals is connected to the EUT Note 1 to entry: Examples are analogue inputs, outputs and control lines, data busses, communication networks, etc. 3.1.6 power port port at which a conductor or cable carrying the primary electrical power needed for the operation (functioning) of an EUT is connected 3.1.7 public mains network electricity lines to which all categories of consumers have access and which are operated by a supply or distribution undertaking for the purpose of supplying electrical energy 3.1.8 low voltage voltage having a value below a conventionally adopted limit Note 1 to entry: For the distribution of AC electric power, the upper limit is generally accepted to be 1 000 V. [SOURCE: IEC 60050-1 51 :2001 , 1 51 -1 5-03] 3.2 Abbreviations AC Alternating Current AM Amplitude Modulation DC Direct Current EUT Equipment Under Test FAR Fully Anechoic Room ISN Impedance Stabilization Network LV Low Voltage OATS Open Area Test Sit
4 General considerations 4.1 Categories EUT are classified according to the incorporation of components and electronic circuits as follows: • category 0: EUT with or without passive protection components and without electronic circuits, • category 1 : EUT with passive components, and without electronic circuits, • category 2: EUT with electronic circuits. NOTE 1 Examples of passive protection components are fuses, thermal links, thermal cut-outs, circuit-breakers, PTC’s, NTC’s and resistors. NOTE 2 Examples of passive components are capacitors, inductors, diodes, LED’s, relays, VDR’s. NOTE 3 Examples of electronic circuits are active semiconductors. 4.2 Measurement uncertainty Compliance testing with the limits described in this document shall be carried out statistically according to Table 1 . Emission tests shall be executed in accordance with Annex A by using at least 5 samples. In case of exceptional conditions, the sum of test samples can be reduced to 3 or 4 samples. The requirements are fulfilled, if the measured emissions of all individual samples are in compliance with the limits and the gap to the limit is not smaller than specified in Table 1 .
7 Test equipment The description of the measurement, the measurement instrumentation, the measurement methods and the measurement set up to be used is given in Tables A.1 to A.1 6. 8 Conditions during testing If the apparatus is part of a system, or can be connected to auxiliary apparatus, the apparatus shall be tested while connected to the minimum representative configuration of auxiliary apparatus necessary to exercise the ports in a similar manner to that described in CISPR 32. In cases where manufacturer´s specification requires external filtering and/or shielding devices or measures that are clearly specified in the user´s manual, the measurement requirements of this document shall be applied with the specified devices or measures in place. The configuration and mode of operation during the measurements shall be precisely noted in the test report. If the apparatus has a large number of similar ports or ports with many similar connections, a sufficient number shall be selected to simulate actual operating conditions and to ensure that all different types of determination are covered. The measurements shall be carried out at one single set of parameters within the operating ranges of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure specified for the product and at the rated supply voltage, unless otherwise indicated in the basic standard. Where applicable, additional information on EUT configuration can be found in CISPR 1 6-2 (all parts) and CISPR 32.

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