AS ISO 7131:2021 pdf download – Earth-moving machinery — Loaders — Terminology and commercial specifications

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AS ISO 7131:2021 pdf download – Earth-moving machinery — Loaders — Terminology and commercial specifications. compact loader loader (3.1.1) having an operating mass (3.2.1) of 4 500 kg or less, designed to work in confined spaces with the associated need for greater manoeuvrability Note 1 to entry: The general term compact machine is defined in ISO 6165. skid steer loader loader (3.1.1) which normally has an operator station between attachment-supporting structures and which is steered by using variation of speed, and/or direction of rotation between traction drives on the opposite sides of a machine having fixed axles on wheels or tracks [SOURCE: ISO 6165:2006, definition 4.2.2] 3.1.2 base machine machine with a cab or canopy and operator-protective structures if required, without equipment or attachments but possessing the necessary mountings for such equipment and attachments [SOURCE: ISO 6746-1:2003, definition 3.3] Note 1 to entry: The machine will need to be provided with the necessary mountings to secure equipment and attachments (see Clause 5). 3.2  Masses 3.2.1 operating mass OM mass of the base machine (3.1.2), with equipment and empty attachment (3.3.1) in the most usual configuration as specified by the manufacturer, and with the operator (75 kg), full fuel tank and all fluid systems (i.e. hydraulic oil, transmission oil, engine oil, engine coolant) at the levels specified by the manufacturer and, when applicable, with sprinkler water tank(s) half full Note 1 to entry: The mass of an operator is not included for non-riding machines. Note 2 to entry: Ballast mass at delivery can be included if specified by the manufacturer.
3.3  Attachments 3.3.1 attachment assembly of components that can be mounted onto the base machine (3.1.2) or equipment for specific use [SOURCE: ISO 6746-2:2003, definition 3.5] backhoe attachment (3.3.1) which generally excavates towards the machine and below ground level, and which elevates, swings and dumps material by the action of a boom, arm and bucket Note 1 to entry: For dedicated backhoe loaders, see ISO 8812. scarifier attachment (3.3.1) having teeth for penetrating and loosening to shallow depths materials such as earth, asphalt and gravel for roads and for similar functions See Figure 19 Note 1 to entry: It is usually mounted on the back of the loader but can be mounted on the back of the bucket. 3.3.2 side dump bucket bucket which loads through forward motion of the machine and which can dump to the side from an end, or dump forwards See Figure 17 3.3.3 multi-purpose bucket bucket having a dozer-type mouldboard with hinges at the top to support a clam which can be opened to various positions, providing for use as a dozer, scraper, clam or bucket See Figure 17 3.3.4 fork arm structure having tines for lifting, transporting and discharging warehouse-type pallets See Figure 22 Note 1 to entry: When the fork attachment is fitted to a loader, the machine is still classified as an earth-moving machine, not a rough terrain fork truck.

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